Worship Sunday at 9:00 and10:45 AM


Who We Are

Believers Experiencing Life Together

River Oaks Presbyterian Church from Scott Ayres on Vimeo.

We have many things in common. In one way or another, sin has broken us all much more deeply than we feared, and the love of Christ has healed us more completely than we ever dreamed. 

As a community, many of us have had negative experiences in church. We have been burned out by legalistic standards, hurt by people we trusted and left behind by people we thought loved us. 

However, we have responded to those disappointments by returning to the source of all truth. Instead of abandoning the Church, we have reformed a community that intends to continually be reforming itself according to the truth. 

We are Theologically Conservative: we believe in the authority and infallibility of scripture.

We seek to be gracious, merciful and hospitable. We hope you feel at home here.  

RiverOaks is connected to the larger body of Christ in a number of ways.

We are a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). www.pcanet.org

RiverOaks was started as a church plant within the Southwest Church planting network (http://plantchurch.org/), a cooperative movement to plant PCA churches within a 4 state area including Oklahoma.