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Archives for May 2013

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How Can I Help?

When we show up, at a funeral, in a hospital room, or at someone’s reception we incarnate love. We personify hope. We communicate on a level far deeper than words that you are not forgotten. Being there may be the highest calling any of us ever receive....

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It is Okay to Struggle

Though many of the issues are different, the question is always the same: “Can a Christian can possibly feel the way I do?” If I knew you well enough, I would put my arms around you and whisper these words: “It is okay to struggle, that is what Jesus is for.” ...

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Leading your wife, part 2

Now Paul comes to the command part of being a husband. He commands husbands to love their wives as their own flesh by nourishing them and cherishing them. He tells us to love our wives as our own bodies. I know two things about you: you know your body and you are attentive to your body. ...

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