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Archives for February 2014

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What is Church Membership good for?

We think of a member as someone who comes to meetings and pays dues. But the bible talks about membership as being a part of the body. If I were to cut off your finger, I would have dismembered you. A church member is a connected part of Christ's body. No honor could possibly be sweeter than that. ...

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What is Glory?

Christians struggle to describe heaven. We do not really understand what God is calling us toward, therefore we don't really understand what we need to be doing now to get there. Jesus calls us to enter his joy. The joy of losing ourselves in the activity of making someone else happy. In heaven, we will be in Christ bringing joy to the Father and the Son. By making the...

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When God Shows Up

God powerfully blessed our baptism service yesterday. Maybe He blessed it because the service required a couple of rather huge compromises. Or maybe God moved two men to make huge compromises because he wanted to bless a service. Either way, when God shows up you are glad. ...

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