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Archives for March 2014

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Never Stop Asking Too Much

Because Jesus lives, we know he is still working. He is working to build his church that will prevail against the gates of hell. He is still working to find his lost sheep and bring them home. He will not stop working until he has redeemed every inch of this world, His world. ...

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Facebook, Time Machines and Easter

We long for the old days when life seemed simple. But we find no joy in looking back. True joy comes from the promise of Easter. The promise of a future day when love will never again lead to heartbreak. ...

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Help! I raised an Atheist

Despite our best efforts, sometimes our children shock us by rejecting our faith. How do good Christians raise atheists? What should they do after they have? ...

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Lent is Good for Me

Lent does not lend itself to commercialism or emotion. Instead it calls for a long, self-reflective, obedience best practiced in community. ...

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