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Archives for May 2014

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The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce

My review of Judith Wallerstein's important book: "The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce." On my 45th birthday I have much to be thankful for: family, friends, work. My entire life has been one example after another of falling backwards into grace. Yet with all those blessings, I am still haunted by my parents' divorce. Having deep instability at that point in your life sha...

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Law -- Words You Thought You Knew

The law goes far beyond our outward, bodily actions. We must keep the law from our hearts or we do not keep it at all. ...

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Putting Testosterone to Work

Why did God give men all this testosterone if He didn't want us to use it? We still have enemies we need to fight. Identify them, and fight to win....

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Never By Yourself

Week in and week out, we make promises to ourselves. We will never commit this sin again. We will throw away the phone number, the liquor bottle, or block the website. We make deals with ourselves, "I will let it slide this time, but if I commit that sin again, I'm going to confess. In truth, with the Holy Spirit you can put any sin to death but you will never do it b...

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