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Law -- Words You Thought You Knew

The law goes far beyond our outward, bodily actions. We must keep the law from our hearts or we do not keep it at all. ...

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The Sobering Realities of Hell and Self-Deception

Jesus teaches that many who will eventually receive God's wrath will be shocked. They will not believe that they deserve it and will assume until the moment of judgement they are safe. That teaching should force us into some serious self-reflection. Don't judge yourself by your own assumptions. Would an objective by-stander say you are on the pathway of life or the pat...

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Why does it have to hurt?

Sanctification always hurts, because we must continually face what we cannot do. Only then do we repent and fully embrace the love we have in Christ. ...

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Positive Thinking and Remembering the Gospel

We need to remind ourselves daily of who we are in Christ. We need to train ourselves to believe that we are dead to sin and alive to Christ Jesus. Is that the same thing as positive thinking? Are we just supposed to stand in front of a mirror and tell ourselves how beautiful we are until we believe it? No, we are not simply boosting our self confidence. We are reminding o...

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Sin: Words You Thought You Knew

We must stop thinking of sins like potholes we need to avoid. Sin lives within us like cancer, and we need the power of the Gospel to remove it. ...

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