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Leftover Questions

The resurrection is proof of God's radical commitment to his creation. He loves all of it, and is committed to redeeming it completely. ...

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Is Marriage a State or Religious Issue? And other Questions

Questions I address in this post: Is marriage a state or church issue? How do I love my gay brother? How do I uphold biblical marriage while loving homosexuals? Should we treat homosexuality differently than other sins? Is John 8 apocryphal? What resources do you recommend for those struggling with sexual sin? Should those struggling with sexual sin take communion?...

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Do Calvinists do Evangelism?

Does the sovereignty of God as taught by Calvinism relieve us of the burden of evangelism? Sure, I hope it relieves you of every burden, but it does not rob you of the privilege of evangelism. You have as much freedom to joyfully tell people about the love and salvation found in Christ as you could possibly want. As you come to embrace these doctrines of grace (electio...

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Did Jesus Die for the Whole World? Yes

What does it mean that Jesus died for the world? I believe he died for the world eschatologically. We look forward to the day when we look out over the nations of the earth and say, "all the world belongs to Jesus."...

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