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Why do I have to go to Church every week?

Your kids have asked you this question. Actually, let’s just admit it- you’ve asked this question. Why do I have to go to church every week? It’s not always fun, I have lots of other things I could be working on, and I don’t always feel very spiritual. Some weeks I’d rather avoid church and churchy people altogether. So, will God be mad at me if I miss churc...

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Everyone Needs a Pastor

If you do not have a pastor, then you have no one to guide you through the difficult decisions of life. You can only take abstract comments made by pastors who don't know you and do your best to apply them to your situaty...

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Why Do We Have Denominations?

Let's assume that God is good and still directing what happens to His church. Why then would he allow denominations? Because denominations provide the best way for the church to reach the world. ...

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What is Church Membership good for?

We think of a member as someone who comes to meetings and pays dues. But the bible talks about membership as being a part of the body. If I were to cut off your finger, I would have dismembered you. A church member is a connected part of Christ's body. No honor could possibly be sweeter than that. ...

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