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Don't Confuse the Order and Priority of the Truth

When we confuse the order and priority of biblical truths, we often lose the good news. ...

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Jesus Only part 1 From God’s Way of Peace by Horatius Bonar Updated to modern usage by Ricky Jones

What keeps Christians from enjoying the peace God wants them to enjoy? If you understand the gospel, but still do not have peace, I would invite you to go back and examine the gospel again. You are probably resting peace on yourself and not on Christ. In this Chapter, Bonar looks at every reason you might think God rejects you and corrects your understanding of the Gos...

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Positive Thinking and Remembering the Gospel

We need to remind ourselves daily of who we are in Christ. We need to train ourselves to believe that we are dead to sin and alive to Christ Jesus. Is that the same thing as positive thinking? Are we just supposed to stand in front of a mirror and tell ourselves how beautiful we are until we believe it? No, we are not simply boosting our self confidence. We are reminding o...

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