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Why We do not say "He Descended into Hell"

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Exactly two of you asked me why we “edited” the phrase “He descended into Hell” out of the version of the Apostles Creed that our children learned. I figure for every question I receive, there are ten of you who wanted to ask but didn’t. So, for the twenty of you who are wondering, here are our reasons. ...

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The Final Four: Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell


Join us for the next four weeks as we take the journey every church must travel. We will study death, the judgment, heaven and hell. We will answer our questions, feel our fears, and emerge more ready to enjoy life than ever. ...

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The Sobering Realities of Hell and Self-Deception

Jesus teaches that many who will eventually receive God's wrath will be shocked. They will not believe that they deserve it and will assume until the moment of judgement they are safe. That teaching should force us into some serious self-reflection. Don't judge yourself by your own assumptions. Would an objective by-stander say you are on the pathway of life or the pat...

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