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Failure is Always an Option

When you set out to correct a besetting sin you will fail, often. The key is to keep getting up, keep asking for Jesus forgiveness, and keep trying. Some people feel so much guilt with each failure, they are tempted to give up completely. The only way to fail is to quit trying. ...

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Don't Confuse the Order and Priority of the Truth

When we confuse the order and priority of biblical truths, we often lose the good news. ...

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Confusing the Spirit in You with Christ For You

When we look at the slow process of growing in holiness, sometimes we get discouraged or even doubt our salvation. Remember the work of the Spirit in you does not alter or take anything away from the finished work of Christ for you. Christ's work for you is the ground of your peace. ...

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Is the gospel a new law?

We easily get led astray into thinking of the gospel as a new law. Now all we have to do is believe and be saved. Not only is this completely untrue, but it is unhelpful. This idea just throws us into the never ending loop of wondering whether or not we have believed sincerely enough. Jesus did not come to make it easier for us to save ourselves. He came to save us. ...

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Never By Yourself

Week in and week out, we make promises to ourselves. We will never commit this sin again. We will throw away the phone number, the liquor bottle, or block the website. We make deals with ourselves, "I will let it slide this time, but if I commit that sin again, I'm going to confess. In truth, with the Holy Spirit you can put any sin to death but you will never do it b...

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Like a Man: Why Even Try?

God has saved us from sin and all its effects. As we strive toward holiness, he works in us making us desire what is good and empowering us to do what is good. ...

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Like a Man

Clearly we have a sense that being a man means something. Even that a man is a noble thing to become. The bible shares that sentiment by the way (For a man ought not to cover his head, since he is the image and glory of God . . . 1 Corinthians 11:7 ESV). We even seem to come into the world with an implicit knowledge that being a man involves hard and worthwhile tasks. So w...

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Can I Take Pride in My Spiritual Growth?

When we accomplish some goals and conquer some bad habits we feel a healthy sense of joy. How do we keep pride from ruining those accomplishments?...

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Why does it have to hurt?

Sanctification always hurts, because we must continually face what we cannot do. Only then do we repent and fully embrace the love we have in Christ. ...

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