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Presbytery? Blueberry? Purgatory? What?

What does it mean to be presbyterian? More specifically, what is a presbytery and what does it do?...

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Is He the One?

The primary question to ask yourself when deciding whether or not to marry the one you are dating is this: If you become more like him, is that a good thing? Simply put, do you respect him?...

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Dear Lance Armstrong,

Lance, I was not a good person who cheated and lied to cover it up. I was a liar and cheat pretending to be a good person. By facing the truth, I have been changed. God is now making me into a better person, an honest person. He is making me into the man I thought was. ...

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Sin: Words You Thought You Knew

We must stop thinking of sins like potholes we need to avoid. Sin lives within us like cancer, and we need the power of the Gospel to remove it. ...

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How Should We Doubt God?

When you are disappointed or have questions go to Jesus and ask. You can push hard on him about your past, about the suffering in the world, and about what he plans to do....

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Are You Becoming?

You're Just a Shadow of Your Future Self November 27, 2012 | by: Ricky Jones Download Audio Listen If you are in Christ, one day you will be transformed in glory. On that day you will live in beauty, joy, light, love and health. Every aspect of your life will be glorified beyond your highest imaginations. You will be completely healed physically, ment...

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Come Thou Long Unexpected Jesus

The Price of Redemption October 28, 2012 | by: Ricky Jones Download Audio Listen When Jesus finally appeared, he fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah 53 perfectly. Therefore, he was the opposite of what we expected. The arm of the LORD was as delicate as a tender plant. V. 2 The savior of the world was not even attractive. V. 2 Man's only hope was de...

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Church Should be Easy

According to Harold Best, God created worshippers. We were created pouring out worship. Each member of the Trinity continually worships the others. God created us in his image. We were created to pour out worship upon the Trinity, but since we are fallen we worship created things rather than the creator....

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Fall Programs!

Click Here to find out about our Fall community groups, bible studies, and Sunday School classes....

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