2014: A Year in Review


What kind of year was 2014 for RiverOaks?

A consistent year: After changing locations, names, worship times, and planting a new church in the previous couple of years, the most remarkable thing about 2014 was consistency. We ended the year in the same sanctuary with the same two daughter churches that we began with. Now I’m not encouraging complacency, but last year was nice.

A year of growth: We did receive several new families. Of course Jonathan Dorst joined our staff and his wife Rachel and daughters joined our church, but we received many more. We received 67 new members this year including 17 baptisms. You have probably noticed the growth. Our average attendance has grown from 348 to 405 this year.

Since we are a church planting church, our attendance does not tell the whole story. Both of our daughter churches have grown as well. Ethos has averaged 94 people each week, and Trinity 145. When you combine our churches, we have grown from 515 to 650, an addition of 135 people since last year.

A year of goodbyes: We also watched some good friends move away this year. The Hatfields went to Stillwater to work for RUF. We also miss the Pickerings, McFarlands, Bernhardts, Englemans, Kirklands, and Diffendaffers. We probably had more move than those, but I can’t stand to think about it anymore. Did I mention that I hate goodbyes?

Finally, it was a year of new ministries. We began our Pastor’s College (LAMP) and offered four classes. Over 25 students have taken at least one of the four classes we have offered so far. In January we will offer a class on the doctrine of God. I will be teaching it and it is open to everyone. We also began a new ministry of partnering with a local social worker to help her with the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of the families she helps. Please keep Fonda in your prayers.

So what do we have to look forward to? I believe 2015 will be our best year yet. As we have built a bigger church family and a bigger team of churches, our aspirations have grown as well. We will celebrate Palm Sunday with all of the area PCA churches, a service I am very excited about. Hopefully, our next church plant is not far off. We have a core group meeting in Grove. We have a friend considering planting a Hispanic PCA work here in Tulsa, and we have other hopes.

The blessings God has consistently given us in the past, give us all the more reason to hopefully look forward. Thank you for taking this journey with us.

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Thanks for the input. Your clear vision is the key to River Oaks' progress (as goes the shepherd, so goes the flock).

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