One outdoor service 05/28 at 10:45am

Church Should be Easy - new

According to Harold Best, God created worshippers. We were created pouring out worship. Each member of the Trinity continually worships the others. God created us in his image. We were created to pour out worship upon the Trinity, but since we are fallen we worship created things rather than the creator.

God created worshippers.

When the Holy Spirit regenerates our hearts and brings us to life, we want to worship Christ. He becomes our truest love and greatest affection. He restores us to our created purpose, we worship Christ.

By creation and by the work of the Spirit, we are worshippers.

A church provides us a place to worship. Here we gather together, join with the body of Christ and joyfully become what God has created us to be and what the Holy Spirit has regenerated us to be: worshippers.

What is so hard about that?

People should love coming to our church to worship. Worship should feel more natural to them than any other thing they do during the week. Worship should restore our sanity, bring us back to reality, refresh our souls and lift up our hearts. Does your worship service do those things?

Look, I know every church has problems. Every gathering of humans is a gathering of sinners. We bring in our petty disagreements and our huge disagreements. We disappoint and hurt each other. I get that.

But I believe the worship service should be the place where all of that melts away in the heat of the moment. When we reconnect with our purpose on earth, our disagreements should become petty. We should have a much easier time seeking peace and renewing love after worship as our sanity has been restored.

So I just ask you. Do you love worship? If you are a pastor, please ask yourself if your members love worship. Please do not let your respect for the way previous generations worshipped get in the way of how your friends worship. Please do not let your desire to "do everything right" keep you from doing the right thing, the natural thing, the Christian thing: worship.

It should not be that hard.