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When Jesus finally appeared, he fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah 53 perfectly. Therefore, he was the opposite of what we expected.

  • The arm of the LORD was as delicate as a tender plant. V. 2
  • The savior of the world was not even attractive. V. 2
  • Man’s only hope was despised and rejected by men. V. 3
  • God in human flesh was not esteemed. V. 3
  • His wounding forgave our iniquities. V.5
  • His stripes heal our sinfulness. V. 5

What can we learn from such an unexpected salvation? God who worked magnificently beyond anything we would have hoped, still works that way.

Many times I have heard wives say, “I’m not glad my husband committed adultery, but I’m thankful that my marriage is better now than it has ever been.” More than once I have heard, “God took everything I had to give me something better than I ever hoped for.”

God works to bring light in darkness. When Jesus hung on the cross, God shrouded the entire world in darkness. Out of that darkness, a light shines that will never be put out.

When God calls you to walk through times of darkness, expect him to do something unexpected. Expect him to show you a light.

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