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Facebook, Time Machines and Easter

In the indie movie Safety Not Guaranteed, two journalists go to a small town in Washington to pursue a story. One gets involved with a man who believes he has constructed a time machine; he wants to go back and repair a lost romance. The other reunites with an old flame that he has found on Facebook.

The movie forces us to face some fun and poignant questions. Why do we love to reminiscence? What is it about those glory days that makes us miss them so?

We reminisce about young love because it seemed easy. You find someone you like, pursue them, catch them and live happily ever after. It is easy because it lives in dreams.

Real love is difficult. Real love requires staying together through the stresses of work, paying bills, having children, taking care of sick children, watching our children grow and leave, taking care of sick parents, etc. etc. Real love gets stained by the muck of life.

No wonder so many of us like to stare at Facebook and dream about what used to be, and what might have been.

But those dreams are mists, and they will never stand up to the tests of the real world.

Easter offers us a better reality. Easter points us forward to a day when God washes all the muck of the real world off our glorified bodies. Easter says, “The days of fully experiencing unadulterated love are in front of you, not behind you.”

The dream days of your past are fleeting. Even if you could go back and relive them, you would only lose that joy of first love once again. The best you could hope for would be an endless cycle of regaining first love and losing it. The thrill would not justify the pain.

But Easter points to a better day. Easter points us toward a spiral of moving every day into greater love. At the resurrection we will know our Savior’s love more deeply than we had ever dreamed. On that day we will begin to love each other without fear, reservation or the faintest hint of cynicism.

This Easter, stop dreaming about what used to be and start believing in what will one day begin. This Easter, stop mourning over what might have been. Replace that grief with the hope of what Jesus will bring.

This Easter, stop wishing for a second chance at young love, and start enjoying the foretastes of eternal love.

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