My Faith is Not Strong Enough

"But I am not satisfied with my faith," you say. No truly. Nor are you ever likely to be so. At least I should hope not. If you wait for this before you take peace, you will wait till life is done. It would appear that you want to believe in your own faith, in order to obtain rest to your soul. The Bible does not say, "Being satisfied about our faith, we have peace with God," but "Being justified by faith, we have peace with God;" and between these two things there is a wonderful difference. Satisfaction with Jesus and his work, not satisfaction with your own faith, is what God expects of you.

"I am satisfied with Christ," you say. Are you? Then you are a believing man; and what more do you wish? Is not satisfaction with Christ enough for you or for any sinner? Moreover, is not this the truest kind of faith? To be satisfied with Christ, is faith in Christ. To be satisfied with his blood, is faith in his blood. Do not confuse yourself, or allow others to confuse you. Be assured that the very essence of faith is being satisfied with Christ and his sinbearing work; ask no more questions about faith, but go upon your way rejoicing, as one to whom Christ is all.

Remember, the John the Baptist's words, "He must increase, but I must decrease." Self, in every form, must decrease, and Christ must increase. To become satisfied with your faith would look as if you were dissatisfied with Christ. The beginning, the middle, and end of your course must be dissatisfaction with self, and satisfaction with Christ. Be content to be satisfied with faith's glorious object, and let faith itself be forgotten.

Faith, however perfect, has nothing to give you. It points you to Jesus. It bids you look away from yourself to Him. It says, "Christ is all." It bids you look to him who says, "Look upon me;" who says, "Fear not, I am the first and the last; I am he that lives and was dead, and behold I am alive forevermore."

If you were required to believe in your own faith, to discern its quality, and to know that you are born again before you were worthy to trust in Jesus, or to have peace, you would certainly need to be satisfied with your own faith. But do not have to claim anything about yourself, except that you are a sinner. Do not waste time wondering if you truly feel like a sinner, (that would open up an endless metaphysical inquiry into your own feelings,) but simply that you are one. This you know upon God's authority, and learn from his word; and on this you act whether you feel your sinfulness or not. The gospel needs no discerning of anything about ourselves, save what is written in the Bible, - that we need a Savior. It is upon this need that faith acts; it is this need that faith presents at the throne of grace. The question, then, is not, am I satisfied with my faith? But, am I a needy sinner, and am I satisfied that in Christ there is all I need?

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