Putting Testosterone to Work


Physically speaking, the chemical that separates men from women is testosterone. It makes our muscles and sexual desires strong, our bodies hairy and our temperaments aggressive. Unfortunately, modern Christianity has given testosterone a bad wrap. We have come to believe that aggression is sinful, muscles are of no use, and our sexual desires must be continually suppressed. Hairiness is back in fashion, so that is something. 

I think we should reconsider testosterone. Assume for a moment that God did not make a mistake when he made men strong and aggressive. What if he did that on purpose? How could strength, aggression and strong sexual desires be useful? Could they possibly make us holier? 

Of course they could. In truth, we still live in a world full of dangers. We do not run the risk of being mauled by lions on the way home from work. But pornographers, creditors, retailers and others still want to trap us and steal our money and dignity. They are all willing to destroy our families to get what they want. We must fight to protect ourselves and our families. 

So begin to think in terms of enemies and protection. You do not have to simply take a defeatist mentality everytime you see a temptation. You do not have to beat yourself up like you are the only enemy. 

Activate your protective instinct and fight. Are you simply going to roll over and let those who peddle smut on the internet ruin your marriage and children? No of course not! Get angry and cut those people off. Eliminate them from your home and keep them out. When you see a billboard for Hooters or a strip club, get angry. Those jerks want to exploit women to get money from men, but it will not work against you. 

Use your aggression to get yourself out of debt. Cut up your credit cards. Get angry when you see silly commercials showing you the life a credit card can give you. Lead yourself and your family out of slavery to debt and into freedom. 

Use your aggression to lose weight. Do not simply let the enemies of diabetes and heart disease rob your family of a husband, father and grandfather. Get angry and get active. Use your scale as a scoreboard, and determine to beat it. Every dessert you pass up is a small victory, roll those small ones up into a large victory that matters. 

Finally, put your sexual appetite to work for good purposes. You do not have to extinguish your libido, but you do have to direct it. If you are single let it motivate you to pursue a wife. Get off the couch and turn off the computer, go out and pursue a good wife. 

Once you have a wife, let your libido motivate you to improve your marriage. I will admit there have been times when I have been angry with my wife and had absolutely no desire to reconcile. Sometimes anger feels good. But before long another desire awakens inside me. I know there is only one woman in the world I can have sex with, and that knowledge kindles my desire for reconciliation. My marriage is better because I desire my wife. 

By the way, God made us that way on purpose (Proverbs 5:18 - 20). 

Stop fighting nature, you will lose. Use the gifts God has given you to become the man he created you to be. 


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Great post, I definitely want to re-read and let this simmer a bit.

Although, as I was reading this I was hoping the line "Every dessert you pass up is a small victory, roll those small ones up.. . " ended with "into one giant diabetic shock inducing dessert". ;)

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