Questions about Homosexuality and the Church

February 1, 2016 Pastor: Ricky Jones and Jonathan Dorst Series: Eros Defiled

Topic: Eros Defiled: Sex Shame and the Savior

Today we try to answer these questions:

  1. At what point is marriage out of the question for those who struggle with same sex attraction?
  2. You speak of belivers who struggle witih same-sex attration, but what about unbelievers who don't consider it a struggle or an issue? How can we best love and support them?
  3. What has the church done that is good and bad regarding their reaction to same sex marriage?
  4. Should we campaign against gay marriage?
  5. How can we make confession safer in our relationships so that it becomes a gift of healing?
  6. Should we go to a gay wedding if invited?
  7. What about church discipline?
  8. How does repentance play into receiving God's grace?

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