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February 8 -- More Questions about Same Sex Attraction

February 8, 2016 Pastor: Ricky Jones and Brent Corbin Series: Eros Defiled

Topic: Eros Defiled: Sex Shame and the Savior

Today we try to answer these questions:

  1. How do you resond when you yourself know you are loved and approved of by God, yet a Christian who means well asks you questions that make you feel ashamed and condemned?
  2. I trust God completely. I am just TIRED.
  3. If a friend doesn't feel a need for healing from homosexuality, but rather embraces it AND calls himself a believer, how do we respond to this person?
  4. How do you help a friend who is confused about her sexuality and fears the church will shun her if she is honest about her struggle?

And two questions about John 5.

  1. Did the invalid cause his condition by his sin?
  2. Can we trust the manuscript in our English bible?