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Covenant Theology Questions

August 15, 2016 Pastor: Ricky Jones and Jonathan Dorst Series: The World We Live In

Topic: The World We Live In Passage: Romans 5:12–5:21

Questions we try to answer: 

  • Could you give the "for Dummies" compare/contrast between covenant and dispensation doctrines?
  • At what point does repenting of past sins no longer make sense? We live in a culture that takes the slightest offense at anything to the point of absurdity. How do you determine the balance?
  • Concerning corporate repentance does that include only the past or Does it include repenting for the sins of our children grandchildren and future Generations?
  • In regards to covenant theology, how do you make sense of Matthew 7:19?
  • In what ways did Jesus' new covenant abolish/change the old covenants and in what ways did it "bring the light up" on previous covenants?