Politics and the Church

August 23, 2016 Pastor: Ricky Jones and Jonathan Dorst Series: The World We Live In

Topic: The World We Live In

Today we tackle some tough questions in the political arena including: 

  • Are there any transcendent political issues around today? Anything for which it is true to say "No, that is absolutely right/wrong. We cannot agree to disagree"
  • So... what if neither major candidate is thought to have good character?
  • I have been told that if I vote for a candidate that is not pro life I am participating in the sin of abortion. Do you believe this is accurate or is that an oversimplification?
  • What does it mean and look like to argue politics or other issues like a Christian?
  • Is it proper to express our Biblical principles through government policies? I.e. should we strive to have the Bible be used directly as basis for the laws of a secular society?
  • Are theological conservatism and liberalism preferences? What about scriptural inerrancy that typical underpins theological conservatism?
  • As a Christian, how do you participate politically if you feel that candidates don't share your trust in Christ? Is it better to just not participate?