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Christian Confrontation

August 31, 2016 Pastor: Ricky Jones and Jonathan Dorst Series: The World We Live In

Topic: The World We Live In

In this episode we answer these questions:

  • When, if ever, do we confront our loved ones (family and friends) about sin?
  • Outside of truth and love, what is the most important quality to possess when a rebuke is necessary or a challenge is required in Christian relationships?
  • What if the person we are concerned about (and know, for example a family member) claims to be a Christian but doesn't appear interested in healthy, godly choices? I ask this knowing full well I make plenty of non healthy, selfish, non godly choices.
  • If every time we speak to someone pushes them either to glory or damnation, which sounds like A LOT of pressure, how do we balance that with acknowledging that God is in control of saving souls?
  • I love the idea of relational evangelism, but sometimes (guiltily) shudder at how many people pass by without being warned of the coming wrath and offered the Gospel. Are you saying that relational evangelism is still just our best shot of reaching our current culture? And warning and loving people without knowing them is just not effective?
  • How does this look when someone continually passes false judgment on me? How do I respond? Is it ok to be silent?
  • I have a Christian friend at work who feels she must "speak out" against everyone/everything with which she disagrees. It puts me in a difficult place because even the times I agree with her, I don't agree with her outspoken condemnation. How can I (and should I?) let her know that her moral superiority is a turn off to Christians and non-Christians?
  • How do we deal with others who fear we are putting ourselves on a slippery slope being around and befriending non-Christians?