One outdoor service 05/28 at 10:45am

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Dry Bones: The Book of Ezekiel

Ready for new life to wash over you? Dry Bones, a series in the book of Ezekiel. Can these dry bones live? God asks Ezekiel this question filled with promise and expectation. Yes, by God's powerful grace, dry bones can once again live, breathe, and even dance! Have there been times in life when you look in the mirror and see little more than dry bones? Have you seen friends struggling, your children growing, or community crumbling and all you see are dry bones? Do you feel like giving up? The good news is that God never gives up on his people. He promises to revive us and our children now spiritually, and ultimately physically so we can live in his presence forever. New life is coming!

May 21, 2023

Ezekiels Origin Story

Speaker: Jonathan Dorst Series: Dry Bones: The Book of Ezekiel Topic: Sunday Morning Passage: Ezekiel 2:1– 3:3

Old Testament

New Testament