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Community Groups

No one should go through life alone. We hope every member of RiverOaks feels known, accepted and loved. We want you to feel like you would be missed if you were gone. This is why we have community groups! We encourage you to try any or all of them; find one that works best for you. Here is a list by location:

South Tulsa Area


  • Location: 111th & Louisville
  • Meetings: Every Sunday evening
  • Contact:
  • Description: We get together in a different form every week. One week everyone is together at the Houston's house, one week is guy's night out, one week is girl's night out, and one week is everyone going out. So, those with kids only need to get childcare once a month.

Braden Park

  • Location: 91st & Yale
  • Meetings: 2nd & 4th Thursday (7pm)
  • Contact: Blake Postelwait
  • Description: Our goal is to help people form strong friendships in the church and provide a community of care and encouragement for one another. We eat, relax, discuss the sermon, and pray together. Childcare is not provided, but we sometimes have kids at our meetings.


  • Location: 91st & Yale
  • Meetings: 1st & 3rd Thursdays (6:30pm-8pm)
  • Contact:  Lisa Boyd
  • Description: We gather together at 6:30pm for a meal. After we eat and fellowship, we have a time of sermon discussion from the previous Sunday. We then spend time praying for one another. 

The Potts'

  • Location: 71st between Sheridan and Yale
  • Meetings: Most Sundays (6:30pm)
  • Contact:  Adrian Potts
  • Description: A great group for newcomers and long-standing members to find their place, meet more people in a relaxing home environment, and grow in fellowship and encouragement. No formal study; we simply eat and spend time together. Childcare is not provided.

The Southies

  • Location: 111th & Sheridan
  • Meetings: Sundays (6pm)
  • Contact:  Michael Boyd
  • Description: We are an informal group that seeks to love and support each other. Our meetings are casual and center on open conversation and prayer. And we eat good food and drink good drink.

Midtown/Downtown Tulsa Area


  • Location: 61st & Harvard
  • Meetings: Every Tuesday (6:30pm)
  • Contact:  Jonathan Dorst
  • Description: An informal group with a focus on building relationships in our busy lives. We meet each week following a rotating schedule of Men’s night, Women’s night, Adults, and Family Night to enjoy fellowship in a variety of ways and to ease the need for childcare. We typically have light refreshments and lots of laughter. Childcare is not provided.

Route 66

  • Location: 61st & Sheridan, among other sites
  • Meetings: Every other Thursday (7:30-9pm)
  • Contact:  Paul Watson
  • Description: We are a younger group that (technically) meets bi-weekly to share about our lives and discuss the previous week's sermon. On many of the off-weeks we hope to have unstructured hang out nights so we can all become better friends. Childcare is not provided.


  • Location: 21st & Lewis
  • Meetings: 1st and 3rd Thursdays (7:30-9pm), and last Sunday of the month in the afternoon with kids
  • Contact: 
  • Description: Life is a lot of work, and our goal is to provide a place where we slow down, get together with friends, share our burdens and triumphs. We enjoy fellowship and meals, and discuss the sermon. Childcare is not provided but kids are welcome on our monthly Sunday meetings.

Woodward Park

  • Location: 21st & Utica
  • Meetings: We meet three Wednesday evenings a month from 6:15-8:15pm and serve together one weekend a month for a few hours. 
  • Contact:  Caroline Royal
  • Description: We meet weekly for dinner, discussion, and prayer. Childcare is not provided at our Wednesday meetings, but our monthly service projects are intended for the whole family! 




  • Location: 121st and Mingo
  • Meetings: 1st and 3rd Sundays (12:30pm)
  • Contact:  Kay Hall
  • Description: We meet for a potluck lunch, fellowship, and prayer.  Our primary focus is prayer for our church family and for each other.  We are mostly a group of empty-nesters and retirees.  Childcare is not provided.